FavWorld Store Review: Thermo Pants

Slimming Thermo Pants are a weight loss garment that increases your body heat in order to make you sweat more and encourage weight loss. They are sold by the website Favworld.com, which specializes in selling trendy products at closeout prices.

The pants have been all the rage lately and after seeing so many adds and favworld reviews, I decided I wanted to try them out for myself.

How Do The Slimming Thermo Pants Work?

These pants look like bike shorts that have been made from a material that looks like a wetsuit. They are meant to increase your body temperature and make you sweat a lot more so that you can work out less and still sweat out toxins and burn calories.

The Benefits of the Pants

First of all, they are really comfortable for working out. When you work out, you want to make sure you have clothing that is fitted so that you have a wide range of motion without being too tight so that it hurts you or cuts off your circulation. In terms of comfort and practicality, these pants get a ten out of ten! They are great for any workout, whether at the gym or on the running trails.

They Increase your body temperature and make you sweat a lot more. I would say an 80% more. And sweat is good! Why? Because it cleans your body of toxins, helps you regulate not just your temperature but also your heart as you work out (with the gains being made the more you sweat), and helps you burn more calories.

Even though you are drenched from all the sweating, the outside of the pants is still dry! This is amazing! So, you won’t have to look gross or experience touching the sweat if you put your hands on your pants.

It helps combat cellulite, unlike anything else. Cellulite is that dimpling and bulging in the skin, caused by adipose fat underneath the skin. And it doesn’t just affect people who are overweight! But thin men and especially women can be prone to cellulite too. The compression and sweating that occurs when wearing this pants do a great job of breaking up the cellulite so that you no longer have to worry about that unsightly problem.

My Experience with Hot Pants

I bought these pants on the website to give them a try. They were at an incredible price and on top of that, they were on sale! I was looking at the sizing chart for the pants and was going to order when I decided to give customer service a call. I just wanted to make sure they didn’t run too big or too small and I just wanted to clarify a couple of things.

Customer service was so quick to answer and they were super helpful! Even though the sizing chart was just right, it was nice to have that confirmation. The order came in in less than 20 days, which was a plus since on their website they explain that because they order from all over and in such large quantities, their shipping can take 10 to 24 days to arrive. But I thought it was worth it for the price and nevertheless, they arrived sooner than that.

The pants fit me perfectly and they felt super soft, like a second skin! I started wearing them for all of my workouts and could not believe the difference! After the first day, my skin already felt smoother to the touch and I was sweating like never before.

I’ve been wearing them for a couple months and have noticed a big difference. My cellulite has diminished so much that it’s barely noticeable, my stamina is a lot higher, I’ve lost a dress size, and even my skin is more clear and radiant! I would definitely recommend them.

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